National Army Museum to build six new interactive audiovisual exhibits

Written by Sam Trendall on 16 December 2017 in News

Museum seeks software supplier to create games and video platforms for £70,000 project as part of new exhibition to open in March

The National Army Museum, the interior of which is pictured here, will soon play host to a range of new interactive multimedia exhibits  Credit: Xinhua/SIPA USA/PA Images

The National Army Museum is seeking an audiovisual software company to help create a range of new interactive touchscreen exhibits.

The museum, which is based in Chelsea in London, is going to launch six new interactive exhibits as part of a special exhibition scheduled to open in March 2018. The exhibits will offer interactive games and multimedia content on a range 46” and 24” screens and iPads. The length of the exhibits varies from two to 12 minutes.

Exhibits will include KIMS Game, which is designed to test players’ “powers of observation and analysis”, and Hostage Rescue, a challenge offering users the chance to make decisions in a theoretical rescue mission. Another interactive game will give players the opportunity to pack their bag for a virtual special forces mission, while visitors will also be able to use an iPad and stylus to take part in a test that will require them to decode a Morse-code message.

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Another exhibit will enable visitors to peruse a digital arsenal, and find out more about a variety of different weapons, while a 24” touchscreen exhibit will host 12 minutes of video content about the Iranian Embassy siege that took place in London in 1980.

The museum has up to £70,000 to spend with the chosen software provider. Potential suppliers have until 22 December to submit their bids.

The chosen firm will be expected to start work on 5 January and finish the project by 9 March.


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