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Written by BT on 25 September 2018 in Sponsored Article
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When it comes to digital transformation, you want your organisation to lead from the front

We believe in building better public services in the UK. Through people, places and ideas. Aligned with the Cabinet Office’s ‘Smarter working’ theme, we want to improve how people work together, where they work and what they use to do their work.

Whether it’s in the back office or on the frontline, the public sector is going digital. 88% of organisations expect to make significant savings1, and the same number say that digital technologies improve the customer experience2.

We helped the Department for Work and Pensions greatly improve the customer service they provided to over 20 million customers. We brought together 184 call centres, and nearly 30,000 agents, together into one virtual contact centre. Improving the management of workload peaks by distributing call overflows to less busy centres. And giving agents better real-time information to work with.3

It’s hard to imagine a world without internet access. But for service personnel on UK military bases, high-speed web browsing used to be beyond reach. Not anymore. The BT MoD Wi-Fi solution allows them to do all the things we take for granted. Surf the internet, get in touch with friends and family, watch catch up TV, and carry out personal banking.4

When it comes to digital transformation, you want your organisation to lead from the front. That’s where we come in. With Intelligent Connectivity, we’ll make it easy for your staff to connect with colleagues and citizens. Quickly, reliably and securely. Plus, it’s smart. But isn’t intelligent the same as smart? We don’t think so. Here’s why. 


Boost flexibility and control



You need a flexible and intelligent system to help you keep pace with change. And the ability to adapt your network at a moment’s notice to meet your changing needs. From anywhere. You also need smart software to make sure it happens. We can bring them together with Intelligent Connectivity. To get your people – and your locations – up and running quickly.

Coping with an explosion in traffic 



But with better connectivity comes a boost in data traffic. And this could stretch your network to breaking point. With us, there’s no need to worry about having enough bandwidth to run multiple apps or download large files. We’ll make sure your network doesn’t struggle and your people stay connected, however busy it gets. Our hybrid network comes with built-in SD-WAN functionality that’s designed to keep work rates up and costs down. Best of all, you’re always in control. You can even prioritise your messaging, if you want.

Manage large branch networks



We know time doesn’t stand still and neither should your organisation. New ways of working can help multi-site organisations save time and money, too. Employing more staff, expanding into new offices or moving to another location? No problem. Video conferencing makes it easier for your people to work together, while wearable technology can give them faster access to the information they need.

Securely manage critical sites



We’ve also taken care of the elephant in the room – security. We embed it into everything we offer. In the background, we’ll protect your network and every site it covers. Let us protect your organisation as we do ours.

There’s another game changer, too – network functions virtualisation. Quite simply, with a 360-degree overview of your network, you can save money and work smarter by running things like firewalls as software rather than hardware. So you get more control and greater flexibility.

If you need help to shape your digital transformation strategy, speak to us. We’re already using our expertise to create smarter digital futures for organisations just like yours.

Discover more:


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2 The Ascent of Digital: Understanding and accelerating the Public Sector’s evolution, Deloitte



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