The rapid, low-risk cloud transition solution for Oracle customers

Written by Cintra and Equinix on 1 March 2021 in Sponsored Article
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Jointly, Equinix and Cintra enable organisations with mission-critical Oracle workloads to accelerate their journey to cloud, while minimising transition risks - here's how

Jointly, Equinix and Cintra enable businesses with mission-critical Oracle workloads to accelerate their journey to cloud, while minimising transition risks. By combining Equinix’s global data centre and interconnection services with Cintra’s award-winning architecture expertise, we ensure you can increase your agility and reach. All of which is supported by the highest levels of performance and resilience.

We deliver a custom-built, commercially sustainable roadmap for your journey to cloud, informed by a comprehensive assessment of your business needs and our pre-defined reference architectures. Together, we remove complexity, reduce risk and lower costs.

The need for agility and the challenges to be confronted

Whether you’re an enterprise or an ISV, speed of response is vital in today’s rapidly changing, hyper-competitive global markets.

If you’re unable to launch new services or extend existing ones into new territories – quickly and effectively – opportunities are lost and competitive advantage is compromised.

Transitioning infrastructure to multi-cloud platforms – utilising services such as Oracle Public Cloud or Bare Metal Cloud Services – is now critical for improving business agility.

But the task of planning and managing the migration of existing legacy systems to the cloud presents many obstacles. Confronting these challenges can be daunting, particularly for those tackling them for the first time. Added to which, you need to ensure that you’ve got a robust architecture that delivers the right levels of performance, security and resilience across private and public environments.

Our key deliverables for your success

Enabling cloud-based agility, our joint solution delivers five key benefits.

  • De-risking your transition 
  • Extending your global reach 
  • Accelerating your journey 
  • Maximising performance, security and resilience 
  • Delivering unrivalled imterconnectivity 

De-risking your transition

We’ll help you simplify and de-risk the process of moving your Oracle ecosystem towards and into the cloud.

As part of our baseline process, Cintra define your requirements and current setup. We then design and build the right architecture for your Oracle databases and associated applications. This stage utilises our proven reference architectures, incorporating Platform Equinix™ and multiple public cloud platforms (including Oracle Cloud). Everything you move to Platform Equinix™ integrates seamlessly with your other technology. And our low-risk migration means you can move forward with confidence.

Extending your global reach

We help you quickly extend services into new global markets to capitalise on new opportunities.

Wherever you need to do business, Equinix’s global network of 180+ data centres in 44 markets provides rapid connectivity and consistent service levels. Our data centre network complements Oracle’s public cloud footprint, giving you maximum reach and flexibility. Using the optimal blend of private and public platforms, Cintra design the
architecture that supports your global, regional and local business needs.

Accelerating your journey 

Cintra’s powerful and proven RapidCloud process accelerates your journey to the cloud.

Our proven designs and blueprints, plus streamlined six-stage process, enable fast delivery with minimal risk. RapidCloud can have a pilot ready in just 30 days, and a full production system in only 90. Equinix further improves your agility and speed of response with rapid access to network connectivity and cloud services, including Oracle Cloud, dramatically reducing the time it takes to deploy new services.

Maximising performance, security and resilience

We deliver the performance, security and resilience that your business needs and your customers demand.

Cintra’s award-winning Enterprise Architecture services ensure low latency, rock-solid availability and bullet-proof data protection and security. Equinix’s data centres provide the highest levels of physical and virtual security, with unrivalled resilience. Equinix IBX data centres have a proven, industry-leading >99.99999% uptime record. With private connectivity to all major public platforms via Cloud Exchange, Equinix also reduces the performance and security challenges associated with using public internet.

Delivering unrivalled interconnectivity 

Equinix offers unrivalled interconnectivity between the cloud, your infrastructure, your partners and your customers.

Enabling you to expand your opportunities, Platform Equinix™ is home to numerous industry ecosystems and a broad network of ICT providers. This includes more than 1,400 networks and 2,500+ cloud and IT service providers. We enable more than 230,000 connections between our customers within our data centres.

For more information on how Equinix and Cintra can increase your business agility and reach, contact or visit

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