Technology, transformation, and talent: How can government meet its biggest modernisation challenges?

Published last year, the Declaration on Government Reform is the latest – but by no means the first – ambitious long-term plan to transform the civil service.

The document, which sets out 15 commitments in the areas of people, performance, and partnerships, not only follows previous transformation agendas, but sits alongside a range of other ongoing modernisation strategies in dedicated areas such as data, digital, and cybersecurity.

But all of these reform programmes face significant challenges, many of which overlap.

Exclusive research recently conducted by Dods on behalf of SAP Concur – in which we surveyed 200 government decision-makers – shone a light on the ongoing difficulties departments face in driving transformation in an environment that is often still dominated by legacy technology. Our study, which we have conducted in each of the last two years, also revealed how access to key digital and data skills, and retaining technical talent, is becoming an ever-greater challenge for departments.

Which is to say nothing of the disruption likely to be caused by ministers’ plans to massively reduce the headcount of a civil service that continues to face the demands of the UK’s longer-term response to Brexit and the pandemic – not to mention delivering on policy objectives related to issues such as levelling-up, climate change, and the cost-of-living crisis.

In this webinar discussion, brought to you by PublicTechnology and SAP Concur, we will reveal more findings of our research, while an expert panel will discuss progress to date on government reform and how the challenges facing transformation objectives can be met going forward.

The discussion will include: 

* The ambitions of the Declaration on Government Reform and other strategies currently in effect

* The role of digital, data and technology in delivering reform

* The major technical, cultural, and operational challenges facing transformation efforts – including legacy IT and access to skills

* How these challenges can be met

* The impact of proposed job cuts, and the ongoing ramifications for the civil service of the pandemic

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Thursday, 23 June, 2022 - 10:30
United Kingdom

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