White Papers

People Power: Cost-effective public participation - a guide to the issues


Based on research with civil servants, public service organisations and the general public, find out what people are doing to support more cost-effective public services, what would motivate them to do more and what policy makers might consider doing to unlock the potential.

The Ultimate Checklist for Video Conferences and Online Meetings: how the public sector can make the most of meetings


Enjoy better meetings with colleagues, customers and business partners. Simply print out the checklist, keep it at your desk and pass it on to colleagues.

Cloud services: the silver lining of government reform?


 The strategic benefits of cloud technology have been thoroughly expounded, but can it actually work in practice?

Collaborative Procurement and the Art of the Possible


New technology and cloud software is increasingly at the heart of current procurement work being done across the sector.

Information management and access in the public sector


With the advent of digitisation, all public sector environments generate and capture a significant amount of electronic data.

Delivering the Public Services Network for your organisation


Security company McAfee, part of Intel Security, has produced a white paper with a clear set of guidelines for all public sector stakeholders connecting to the PSN to help them make tactical decisions on how to achieve compliance and become a PSN customer. 

Practicing for an online presentation? Time to perfect your body language


What does your posture say about you? What about your gestures? If you want to maximize your impact in online presentations, you need to get a grip on your body language.

Engaged Citizens: Connecting Citizens to Services


Unify Enterprise Communications outlines a nine-point roadmap to help local authorities connect citizens to services using the very latest technology, such as social media and digital self-service. 

Guide to procuring accredited cloud


Eduserv, the not-for-profit cloud services provider, has launched a step-by-step guide to help public sector throughout the procurement of accredited cloud.

Kapersky's 2013 Global IT Risks Survey


It is more than 25 years since the first PC viruses appeared. Today’s threats faced by businesses are more complex than ever before.

Cyber espionage white paper


Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity experts give you an insight into (i) how businesses can suffer from direct – and indirect – cyber-espionage attacks.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency: Free Guide


As budgets continue to shrink, public sector agencies and organisations struggle to maintain service. Find out how to reduce spending by consolidating data centres.