Gove believes Whitehall reform plans will not suffer because of close association with Cummings

7 July 2020

Cabinet Office minister said that, despite the controversy that often surrounds the PM’s top adviser, ‘people are interested in Dominic and his ideas’

Welcome to Cyber Week

6 July 2020

Introducing a dedicated week of features, interviews and exclusive research

PM set for Huawei 5G U-turn, reports claim

6 July 2020

The Chinese vendor will be banished from the next-generation network by the end of the year, it has been reported

Government spends £400m to acquire bankrupt satellite firm

3 July 2020

After being shut out of EU satellite programme in light of Brexit, UK joins consortium with Indian telecoms giant Bharti to buy OneWeb

How secure is government and should we have a right to know?

8 July 2020

In a lengthy attempt to find out about the security of government’s software systems, PublicTechnology finds a very uneven approach to transparency and what constitutes sensitive information

How big is the UK’s cyber skills gap?

7 July 2020

A major government-commissioned study found that about half of UK organisations are lacking basic security skills. PublicTechnology talks to the researchers behind it to find out where the skills gaps are and how they can filled

The fog of cyberwar

6 July 2020

For governments and armed forces around the world, the digital domain has become a potential battlefield. But this new realm of warfare brings with it many ethical and legal complications. PublicTechnology talks to digital ethics expert Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo to find out more.

Cyber national security: how the UK has prepared itself for major attacks

6 July 2020

We are approaching the fourth anniversary of the foundation of the NCSC and the threats it was created to respond to loom larger than ever. PublicTechnology examines the growth of the UK’s cyber-defence capability

Using data to better understand the hidden crime of domestic abuse

12 June 2020

Criminal justice data shows about 60,000 convictions per year, while public surveys reveal 2.4 million adults experience domestic abuse. The ONS tells PublicTechnology how it has brought together information from a range of sources to help policy makers and support services

How can local government get it right on shared services?

5 June 2020

Experts from councils and industry partners discuss the key benefits and challenges to consider if local authorities are to reap the rewards of sharing services

Fewer frameworks and more ministerial muscle – how government can make good on its SME agenda

2 July 2020

The results of techUK’s annual GovTech SME Survey suggest the Digital Marketplace has made a positive impact on access to the public sector tech market but, according to Henry Rex, there are barriers still to be overcome 

More must be done to realise the value of geospatial data

29 May 2020

Government’s Geospatial Commission has made some promising progress but Leigh Dodds of the ODI believes that increasing the openness of data and enhancing support for local government should be among the next steps

‘We need your data’ – how the ONS is mobilising the power of information in the fight against coronavirus

20 May 2020

As the UK enters its ninth week of lockdown, interim deputy national statistician Frankie Kay calls for organisations to bring their data together to address the nation’s challenges

Digital is needed now more than ever

12 May 2020

PublicTechnology editor Sam Trendall salutes the outstanding efforts of public sector technologists in helping to respond to coronavirus


Maintaining agile culture while working remotely

1 May 2020

A lack of physical proximity need not be a barrier to collaboration and an inclusive culture, according Rasmus Koefoed-Jespersen and Susheel Dodeja of BJSS

The five-point guide to passing a GDS alpha assessment

28 April 2020

Clearly understanding your MVP, managing ambiguity, and involving assessors in your project are among the top tips offered by Christina Ehlers of BJSS SPARCK