South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue launches data-sharing scheme

Written by Sam Trendall on 9 August 2019 in News

Service aims to work with other public bodies to identify citizens in most need of risk assessment


Credit: South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue/CC BY SA 2.0 

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) has launched a data-sharing programme to help identify citizens most in need of risk-assessment visits.

The service wishes to ascertain which citizens are most vulnerable, socially excluded, or otherwise at risk, so it can ensure officers visit their home to conduct a full safety assessment. To do so, it will be sharing information with other local public-sector entities, including NHS trusts and the police service.

Groups that SYFR would like to identify include the elderly, those with physical or learning disabilities, people with cognitive impairments or dementia, and anyone who takes medication that could restrict their ability to react to a fire.

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All the organisations taking part in the scheme house their data in their own internal IT systems. Sharing will be enabled by the use of the Spinr cloud-integration platform.

Steven Locking, IT manager for SYFR said: “There is increasing evidence that people at greatest risk of fire-related death or serious injury are from vulnerable or hard to reach groups and are already known to statutory, private and voluntary sector organisations. It is therefore vital that local public services focus on partnership, working to improve identification and access to those most at risk in our communities.”

He added: “We feel it is our duty to help promote this scheme by bringing our local partners together in the spirit of protecting the most vulnerable members of society. Only by enriching our information systems with readily available partner information, can we be highly responsive and targeted in order to get to the most vulnerable in time.”


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